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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you work?

Art Dimensions Online (ADO) operates as a fine, contemporary art leasing and sales business. Clients can select artwork from our website. Artwork will then be picked up directly from an artist’s home/studio located in the greater Los Angeles area. ADO deals with painting, print, sculpture, photography and drawing, and we can help you find fantastic artwork for your project or space.

Can I rent digital files, and can our production print it?

Some of our artwork is available for printing. It depends on the artist. Please note that digital files, like physical pieces are billed on a weekly basis and must be returned to Art Dimensions at the end of the rental period.

Is all of your artwork available to view online?

We do our best to keep up with our artists who are constantly creating new artwork. With more than 80 artists on our roster, it is sometimes difficult to post everything online, so if there is a style or particular artist you like whose work you’d like to see more of, just let us know and we can assist you.

Can I view the artwork in person?

Yes! Most ADO artists are happy to open their workspaces to visitors to view their artwork. We can arrange studio visits.

Do you offer custom framing?

Yes. For rentals of photographs, prints and sometimes originals on canvas, we offer natural, black or white wood framing. If you need a more custom frame we will arrange for our framer to frame the piece for an additional cost.

How do I open an account and what are your forms of payments?

For production clients opening an account, please email your credit one sheet to and we will send you our w9. We accept checks and credit cards from all clients.

What are your rates for renting artwork?

In addition to productions, we have special rates for residential, corporate and staging clients, so please email or call us for further information.

Do you deliver and install?

For set decorating, we do not offer delivery and installation, however we can help coordinate shipping with the use of your FedEx or UPS account. For corporate and residential clients, we arrange for delivery and installation at the client’s expense.

How do I properly handle and care for the art?

There are a few “rules” to handling artwork. First, do not touch the surface of any painting or sculpture as skin oils and acids can cause stains which can result in permanent damage. Second, never expose a work of art where it will receive direct sunlight, or where it will be subject to extremes of temperature and humidity. Lastly, for care of framed work, do not use paper towels, gritty cloths, ammonia or window cleaners. Do use a cleaner specifically designed for cleaning and polishing plastic.

Any more questions?

Just give us a call at (310) 433-8934 or contact us.